Clarity, Confidence and Clients

Does what it says on the tin!

Helping you go from overwhelmed and under-achieving to creating a profitable business that you love in just 7 weeks

I know that you dream of having a business that you not only love but that also brings you in the money you need (consistently).

So why does it feel so hard?  

I know you worry about everything; the money; the time; the marketing…

You feel like you need to be doing all of the things all of the time but actually you are so knackered and overwhelmed you are actually doing nothing.

And you are sick of listening to yourself moan (whilst putting on a brave face to everyone else).

You want to feel that starting your own business was the right decision but you are actually shit scared because you never quite know whether you can afford the bills each month (I know, I’ve been there).

Imagine if…


you had the confidence to show up as you are and that you had the perfect number of clients for you.

you spent your days working on the things you love (rather than worrying about whether you need to get a “proper” job).

you had the time and money to do all the things you want to do.

Imagine if you had Clarity, Confidence and Clients…


I know this might feel impossible.  

I know because I’ve been there too.

The constant self-doubt, the over-thinking, the procrastination…

I see you.  I feel you.  I was you. 

Hey, I’m Caroline Thompson

and I’ve been where you are now.

With over 15 years of managing a small business I thought I had all the ‘skills’ I needed to set up a business, and I did.

What I didn’t have was the belief to sell myself.

I knew for years that I would be self-employed – I even told my old boss this about 3 years before I left – I just knew that I was made for more.  It wasn’t even about the time, money or freedom, it was just a deep sense of knowing – but it is hard to get to that knowing when you don’t have the clarity, confidence or clients!

I am fortunate enough now to not only be self-employed but to only work 2 days a week, home-ed my children and earn a decent wage.  Now I know that the idea of home-ed might be a step too far and that is why this work starts with you.  You and your idea of time, money and freedom and as a coach I always start with you.

I’m a qualified coach, a wife, a mum and I believe in you – do you?

Clarity Confidence and Clients – the 7 C’s for Success



Connection to yourself and your business. It is far too easy for our businesses to morph into things we’re not really that bothered about, or to chase goals that don’t mean that much to us – £10K months, a million pound launch anyone?


Confusion is not an attractive offer. If you do not have clarity about your business, your clients and your offers no one else will and this will be reflected in your sales. It might need a complete overhaul, it might just need a few tweaks, we will do it and your future self will thank you for it.


Action breeds confidence and you are definitely going to be taking action, regardless of how stuck you are or whether you have squirrels running amok rather than ducks in a row!


Need I say more? My mantra is brave is the answer, even when things feel scary, especially when things feel scary. And if you need to borrow it, then please do it. It makes a huge difference and I am going to show you what has worked for me and my clients..


If you have nailed the 5 C’s that come before this one you will be on to a winner and the clients will come. We will also be looking at some of the tactics AND some of the less tactical more woo things you can do to be bringing new people into your world – people that want to pay to work with you.


Don’t even think about telling me you are not creative. If you ever write anything, you are creative. If you ever have any ideas, you are creative. Hell, starting your own business is creative. We are going to nurture your creativity AND be brave enough to bring it to life – yep, even you!


When you start your own business you have to go all in and you have to be prepared to take the rough with the smooth. This isn’t about working yourself to the bone and hitting burnout. It’s about staying committed and staying focused on why you are doing this and what difference you are making in the world. We will be looking at your commitment and your connection to your why as we create a plan for you to stay committed well into 2022.

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Pay in 10

10 monthly payments of £50. 
No extra charges.  No interest.  No shame.
A payment plan that is paid off faster.  Win : Win


Pay in 5 

5 monthly payments of £100. 
No extra charges.  No interest.  No shame.
In fact, I love a good payment plan as it helps with my cashflow too.


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What others say…


Debbie Slater

Massage Therapist

I’m actually really chuffed with my little self today and how things are progressing with the business.  

Thank you so much for all your help and support so far – definitely wouldn’t have come this far without you. 

Catherine Everett

Reiki Pracitioner

I thought I had a good idea of what I was doing having done some other challenges before but once I started CCC, I realised I didn’t.  Everything I had been doing was just superficial which is why it wasn’t connecting.  I was surprised that CCC seemed to be more about me rather than my business but I realise now that is a necessary part of the process.  I now have much more clarity with what I stand for and consequently I have found it easier to translate this into content and ultimately clients such that I feel like a bona fide small business now.
Caroline has a knack of consistently pushing you just slightly beyond your comfort zone in such a way that you feel equally excited and nauseous but always supported.  I have to say she knows her stuff!
My experience of CCC was an incredibly bonding experience which really helped me to get past myself and have the confidence to promote my business my way.

Jill Fairbairn

Creative Thinker

Working with Caroline was a pivotal experience for me.
At the beginning of CCC, I was overwhelmed by the realisation that my own values were no longer being met in my business.
The 7 weeks were an emotional adventure, but I felt respected, understood and heard without judgement. Trusting the process, being open to doing the work, and the support of the group as a whole had a huge impact on my life. Through allowing me to see myself and my business from a new perspective, I made impactful business decisions, reclaimed my sense of balance and my confidence has flourished. Thanks Caroline!

Clarity, Confidence and Clients is perfect for you, if…

  • You’re a coach, therapist or service-based business
  • Your business is NOT where you want it to be
  • You often worry about where your next client is coming from
  • Your prices are on the low side and you still find yourself doing offers and discounts
  • You spend far too much time scrolling, procrastinating and overthinking
  • You often worry that you might have to get a ‘proper’ job
  • You are ready to do the work

More happy clients…


Kelly Neale

Podcast Manager 

The last 12 months have changed everything for me.  I ‘pivoted’ my business in the Autumn of 2020 and with Caroline’s help and support I am now working in a completely different industry and earning more than I ever have. 

Working with Caroline gave me the courage to try something new and I am now in the unbelievable situation of having to turn work away.

Caroline Armstrong


Caroline is such a great coach and mentor and seems to get the balance just right.  I launched my business in December 2019 – going back to what I had previously done in an employed role and Caroline was there every step of the way.

She helped me with my pricing and packages so that I knew exactly what I was offering and to whom.  Caroline seems to just ‘know’ when I need a bit of a prod and whenever I ramp things up a bit I get another enquiry – it’s great! 

Yvonne Hopkinson

Social Media Manager 

Caroline saw my strengths, potential and opportunities long before I saw them myself.  With Caroline’s support I have let go of things that no longer serve me and I am creating a business that works for both me and my family.

Working from home means the boundaries can often be blurred and I am learning to honour these boundaries myself so that other people honour them too.

Frequently Asked Questions


When does Clarity, Confidence and Clients start?

We start week commencing 28th March 2022.

Is it self-study or live teaching?

All of the content is live.  I know what it is like to buy self-study courses and then barely open them, that’s why every module and every workbook is delivered live.

What if I can't attend a session?

The sessions will all be streamed live into your super supportive Facebook group which you will have access to for as long as Facebook is a thing.

Do I have to be on Facebook to take part?

All of the calls will take place on Zoom which is where most of the magic will happen.  There will also be am accompanying Facebook group that you would benefit from being in but it’s not a must.

Can you guarantee my results?

Nope!  You can see a wide range of results from previous clients on this page and everyone gets something different from it.  I can not and will not guarantee any specific results because you are all starting from a different place and will have different resources available to you.  

Will you provide tissues?

Absolutely!  I’m not saying that you are going to cry but you probably are going to cry!  This isn’t surface level airy-fairy stuff.  It can go deep and the depth is what makes it so transformative.  I’ll be gentle at the same time.  I promise. 

Clarity Confidence and Clients – JOIN NOW


Pay in 10

10 monthly payments of £50. 
No extra charges.  No interest.  No shame.
A payment plan that is paid off faster.  Win : Win


Pay in 5 

5 monthly payments of £100. 
No extra charges.  No interest.  No shame.
In fact, I love a good payment plan as it helps with my cashflow too.


Pay in Full

1 Payment of £500.
Pay in full and receive a
Practical Magic Activation Deck and a
BONUS  30 Minute
1:1 Magic Making Coaching Session