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Q – Is quitting social media really a good idea?

A – Who knows!

Certainly not me, or not yet anyway but it feels good so I am doing it.  I honestly think it will encourage me to do things differently, to connect with people more in real life (Covid dependant) and to get more visible.

And it feels like a good business decision for me right now.

Caroline Thompson (The Brave Business Coach) with her thumbs up after coming down the ArcelorMittal Orbit - the World's longest tunnel slide

How Do You Know When You’ve Made a Good Business Decision?

Hmmmmm, I guess the answer is you don’t know for sure until you see some results but my take on this is slightly different.

Sure results mean a lot, especially in the world of business / self-employment where if we don’t get the results and earn the money we can’t pay the bills, but, and it’s a big but, it also has to feel right.

And this is where small businesses can a) really struggle and b) lead the way.

We are connected to our businesses.  We know them inside and out and if something feels good / exciting / brave then it will usually be the right decision.  Whereas if something feels icky and off then it probably is.


Can you really trust your gut to make a business decision?

I really do believe that most of us can.  We might not be used to making decisions in that way, it may feel a bit odd and we might learn the hard way (especially at the beginning) but unless there is a trauma wound there, most of us can trust our gut – we might have just been trained not to.

You might think that intuition / gut response is a bit of a wishy-washy way to build your business or you might be 100% intuitively led.

I honestly believe that unless there is unresolved trauma most of us can use our gut to make a business decision and that even when our brain is telling us it’s a bit bonkers there will often be a reason we are called to doing something.

Cue my brave / bonkers decision to come off Facebook and Instagram for the whole of December.

December, the month where we ‘should’ be using social media to be social and to keep up-to-date with all the nativities / elf on the shelf antics.

December, the month where we ‘should’ be reminding our clients that we exist – and in the coaching world prepping them for their ‘best year ever’.

December, the month where we ‘should’ be wishing the World and his wife a Merry Christmas (even though we haven’t spoken to them since last Christmas).

I am no Scrooge, I love Christmas AND I am still old-fashioned enough to believe that everyone I truly want to see / love / spend time with I will still see / love / spend time with without Facebook ( I say Facebook as it’s my main platform, it applies equally to Snapchat, Insta or anywhere else).

Coloured bath bombs on a decorative straw background

Lush Boss Happy to Lose £10m by Quitting Social Media

This was the headline / article that inspired me to quit.  Not because I am particularly connected to the brand or because of the ethical reasons Jack Constantine stated – although I do agree – but because my first thought when I read the article was “I just don’t know if I am brave enough to do that”.  Which then led to a really late bedtime while I explored what was going on for me (I probably should have journalled as it would have been quicker and more effective than going round in circles in my head) but I got there eventually.

Am I brave enough?

I explored all of my BS reasons for staying on Facebook – I run a home-ed group, I have client groups, I need to keep pushing the Blackpool Boxing Day Bikini Walk (another brave / bonkers idea that I’ll save for another day) – and then I decided to honour my mantra that #braveistheanswer and do it anyway.

I’m not going to lie I was still scared and did some procrasti-cleaning and decluttering rather than go live on my personal profile to announce it (my office is now beautiful for my social media detox month).  You can view the video here, just be aware that if you comment during December I won’t be around to reply to you!

What about the money?

(Un)fortunately I am not set to lose as much as Lush by coming off social media but if I’m not careful it could have an impact.  My free Facebook groups have made me tens of thousands of pounds in the last few years.  I have been lazy / reliant on / safe in my Facebook groups to the point where I haven’t even posted publicly during some of my biggest launches so this is kind of a big deal.

And I am excited.

I am excited because this feels brave, it feels different and it feels fun.

I also know that it would be really easy for me to use this as an excuse to do nothing, to spend more time hibernating and less time working but I have bills to pay, I need to keep the money coming in so I am going to use my Brave Visibility Sprint to do just that (just without Facebook or Instagram.

What is The Brave Visibility Sprint?

The Brave Visibility Sprint is my 31 day series to help you get better at creating content that truly connects with the people you want it to.  It is designed to help you focus and create heart-felt content in approx 10-15 minutes a day so it is perfect for you if you are busy, overwhelmed and feeling all the things when it comes to creating content – especially if you feel like no-one is seeing it anyway.

Now, you get to choose how and where you show up – there is no obligation to create video or go live, you do not have to post on your personal profile or create Instagram stories.  You get to choose (and in my case this time round it will be blogs, vlogs, emails and maybe Linkedin).

Are you in?

There is no fancy sales page as this was all decided less than 48 hours ago, but there is a payment link and there are 31 days of amazing content ideas sat ready to wing their way to you each day throughout December.

Brave Visibility Sprint in Neon Pink Text on a Black Background with #braveistheanswer in Yellow