Do you ever get that feeling that you were

for more?

It might be a whisper or the occasional thought, it might be a nagging sense of unease or frustration – either way it does not have to be like this!

made for more

You went into business because you want to help people and you know that you were made for more.
However, certain things just seem to hold you back or become a block so even though you know you were “Made for More” you’re just not sure how to create more.
Join Caroline for this series of workshops designed to help you get more money, time and freedom.

Make More Money

During this workshop we will be exploring what is holding you back when it comes to making more money and I will give you some super practical steps to how you can start making more money – almost immediately.


Find More Time

Let’s look at how you can find more time to build the business you really want AND how you can use the time you have more effectively. Come and grab my secret productivity tips alongside my 5 step method to beating procrastination.

Create More Freedom

During this workshop we will be looking at what freedom means to you, how you can start to feel freer (even when you are not where you want to be) and why this is so important – not just for your business but for your whole life – and the impact this has on those around you.


14th – 21st September 2021




WHAT might happen…

meet your host
caroline thompson

Is it time to remember who you are and what you are here to do?  

I knew for years that I would be self-employed – I even told my old boss this about 3 years before I left – I just knew that I was made for more.  It wasn’t even about the time, money or freedom, it was just a deep sense of knowing – but it is hard to get to that knowing when you don’t have the time, money or freedom!

I am fortunate enough now to not only be self-employed but to only work 4 mornings a week, home-ed my children and earn a decent wage.  Now I know that the idea of home-ed might be a step too far and that is why this work starts with you.  You and your idea of time, money and freedom and as a trained coach I always start with you.

I’m a trained coach, a wife, a mum and I believe in you – do you?