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The brave business strategy box 

Helping you get  your sh!t together so you can be brave enough to really start creating the life and business you deserve

What is it?

Technically speaking it’s a workbook and a Trello board – but thinking outside of the box (see what I did there!), it’s your guide to the business YOU really want,
created by YOU, for YOU, for YOUR goals and dreams.


I know it might sound boring and official and like a pen-pushing exercise but honestly, the clarity you will get from creating your own bespoke strategy is nothing short of life-changing


You might think I can’t coach you through a workbook, a spreadsheet and a Trello board, but you would be wrong.  You will hear my voice throughout as I encourage you to dig deep, be brave and really start changing things for the better


There are a million and one ways to market your business and this magical box will help you find the ones that you love and want to do more of, and give you the power to let go of things that are no longer serving you.

The Brave Business Strategy Box has been designed by Caroline Thompson (she/her), a.k.a The Brave Business Coach to help you get focussed – either at the start of your business journey or to get you back on track.  

Caroline is a trained coach whose mission in life is for women to be brave enough to stand up, speak out and create the business and future they really want.

With over 17 years experience in small businesses and over 6 years of helping women build their businesses Caroline is passionate about helping you do things your way – there are no cookie cutter approaches or blueprints here.


are you brave enough?

Connect to Yourself

It’s easy to forget that you are your business – this workbook will help you connect to what you really love and how you really want to be spending your time.

Connect to Your Business

Moving away from the ‘shoulds’ you will assess what you are good at, what you want to be doing more of and just how you are going to achieve your goals.

Connect to Your Future

What does your future look like?  Do you know? Do you want to know?  And perhaps more importantly, do you know how you are going to get there? 

From Our Clients

With total transparency this is a brand new offering and so I have no direct testimonials yet, however, this is what clients have said about working with me in other programmes.

Caroline is a fab coach and mentor. She’s supportive but also gives you the push that you need to be you in your business.

Beki Beer

I was worried that people would think that’s my business idea was rubbish, she’s living in a dream world and there is no way she can make a business out of it.  Caroline has you all the way, she is real and totally ‘gets it’

Clare Millar

Caroline gave me the confidence to be brave and step up and make myself more visible than I was and this in turn brought me in more customers x

Angela Turner-Jones

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